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April 24 2017

generator frajdy
Bartuś przyćpany nawet bez oczu

January 30 2017

art amputation

December 19 2016

December 18 2016

pianino elo
fanart dla GronkowiecBlog

October 29 2016

Experiment between dimmensions
It's a chair
On the Internet 

October 25 2016

August 29 2016

Simple fan art about one of the greatest human beings (probably) on this planet. 

July 20 2016

Something's broken

July 14 2016

June 14 2016

Squid at night
My first attemt to create something 'original". Did I succed? You decide...
City Hall
I have nothing to say.
I took a pic. And here it is.

May 09 2016

I think I've found my next authority...
This man is a freaking madman... We need people like him

March 20 2016

My Autobiography
My most ambitious plan so far. Probably, one day I will finish writting this... masterpiece. And yes. I've already started.

I'll tell you, when it's available

March 19 2016

Waiting for a transport
Yeah, I know. It's getting boring as f..k. But hey, it's my account. I can upload any stuff I want, Am I rite?

March 13 2016

Created with invaluable help, from my equaly invaluable friend.
Do I need to write something important in here? Nah...

March 06 2016

I don't feel like writing a description

February 27 2016

Stormtrooper In A Lake At Night
Yeah, I know. "What..? Why Stormtrooper? In a lake..? What?" I have no idea why. 
But it looks decent in my opinion.

February 25 2016

Now You're Thinking With Portals
Simple fun with blue light

October 10 2015

One of paintings, made during some horrible Gołuchów experience...
Oil on canvas
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